Medicare Insurance
Solutions to Gaps in Medicare
and Alternate Plans
Supplements (Medigap) - health insurance
policy sold by private insurance companies to fill
the gaps in Original Medicare.  These plans allow
you to use any doctor or facility that accepts
Medicare. Shopping for Medicare Supplements
can now be based on premium cost, due to the
standardization of Plans A-N. Companies may
charge as much as $1,000 more for the same
Plan. Detailed information, is available at
Choosing a Medigap Policy.  
Medicare Advantage Plans (HMO/PPO) -
run by private insurance companies approved by
Medicare. Providing your Part A, Part B and Part
D coverage, and offers extra benefits such as
dental, hearing, gym membership and more. Most
plans have a physician/facility network that you
should follow. Many of these plans have a zero

Prescription Drug Plans (Part D)-Medicare
offers prescription drug coverage for everyone
with Medicare. Get Medicare drug coverage
through Secure Choices Insurance Services or an
Employer Sponsored Plan. Each plan can vary in
cost and drug coverage. It is very important to
compare plans every year based on the
prescription drugs you take.

Secure Choices provides a free benefit
review .

We guarantee that our premiums are the
lowest in the State of Florida.
*All plans are not
available in all areas.
Premium are subject to
age and health.

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