karenKaren B. Ansell

I grew up on a small farm in Northern Kentucky, the only girl of five children. In 1985, I came to Florida and in 1988 and started my career in the insurance industry with a large insurance company specializing in senior insurance. In 1992, I came to Jacksonville and opened an agency for them. While this company offered a quality product, it was not always in the best interest of my clients.

In 1999, I started my own company, "Secure Choices Insurance Services", enabling me to represent any company licensed in the State of Florida. This allows me to make individualized comparisons and to get the best available product for each client. I now represent over 40 companies that specialize in insurance and investments for seniors. After 30 years in the industry, I have found that honesty, personal service, great products and hard work equal success. Secure Choices Insurance

ritaRita Stanford

I grew up in New York and moved down to Florida in the 80's. I attended college in Missouri and moved back to Florida in 2001 to be close to my family. In 2010, I changed careers and went into the insurance industry. I worked for Cigna in Tampa within a corporation as a sales coach and loved my position. I moved up to Jacksonville in 2015 and changed directions and went to work for Secure Choices Insurance with Karen Ansell.

What I love about this company is that we offer all the plans, meaning we can customize a plan to fit the client's needs. I often tell my clients that I have lost both of my parents before they aged and before I had the opportunity to take care of them. So rest assured, I will treat you like my parents and make sure you feel safe, secure and well-informed to what I am offering you. It is what I would do for them and I get to do this for you. I love being able to help people and put them in a plan that will give them the security they are looking for.

I have a teenage boy in Middle School. We love to watch movies, listen to music and do various sports. I am very involved in my Church and have enjoyed Jacksonville and the people here.